TurboCAD 2018 Pro Platinum

Premium, Professional 2D/3D CAD Software

£399.00 for annual subscription

£1,149.00 for lifetime license

(or 3 monthly instalments of £383.00*)
TurboCAD 2018 Pro Platinum
  • Ready to use 2D/3D CAD for everyone
  • Complete 2D/3D design tools
  • Easy to learn and use
  • 3D printing features
  • Excellent file sharing
  • Architectural design tools
  • Photorealistic rendering, materials and lighting
  • NEW! Ribbon interface
  • NEW! LightWorks 9.2
  • NEW! ACIS R2017 solid modeling engine
Benefits of the Annual Subscription Model

- All the features of TurboCAD 2018 Pro Platinum available at a great price !
- All upgrades for free. You always have the latest version available.


Introduction to TurboCAD Pro Platinum

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018 is our top-of-the-line, professional 2D/3D CAD application. Access a powerful drafting palette, ACIS® solid modeling, premium photorealistic rendering, advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets, AutoCAD-like 2D drafting interface options, and extensive file support.

  • Easy to Learn and Use with set up wizards, context-sensitive help, snaps, alignment aids, and handle-based editing.
  • AutoCAD®-like 2D drafting interface option with command line and dynamic input cursor.
  • Complete 2D/3D Design Tools for drafting, modeling, modifying, dimensioning and annotation.
  • Surface Modeling Tools like 2D/3D Booleans, extrude, revolve, sweeps, & more.
  • ACIS® 3D Solid Modeling and Advanced Mechanical Design tools to create complex 3D objects.
  • Professional Part Tree that can act like a selective Undo/Redo for all your 2D/3D operations.
  • Powerful Drafting Palette that creates associative sections and cut planes.
  • Advanced Architectural Tools including a greater range of parametric architectural objects, style manager, and IFC support.
  • Superior Photorealistic Rendering, materials, and lighting to create powerful presentations.
  • Dozens of Productivity Tools such as PDF underlay and ePack with New Intelligent File Send.
  • 2D Geometric and Dimension Constraints.
  • Database Connectivity with Customizable Reporting.
  • Point Cloud Support.
  • Programmable with Ruby Scripting or Software Development Kit to create routines, features, & more.
  • Over 40 industry standard CAD & graphic file formats supported to share your work.
  • New Import of TurboApp files from mobile devices.
  • Over 50 new and improved features!
Key Features

Powerful UI & Performance

If you’re new to TurboCAD Pro Platinum, features like the fully customizable interface, including an optional AutoCAD®-like 2D drafting interface, can help you get started.  Save more time with handle based editing and a GPU accelerated drawing engine.  Even collecting and assembling all external resources and entities attached to a drawing for distribution is simple with ePack.  Plus, TurboCAD is 64-bit compatible to manage even the largest CAD files.

Design Director

Organize, access, and explore design alternatives.  The Design Director Palette provides advanced controls for Layers, Layer Filters, creating Layer Sets, setting and saving Work Planes, controlling Named Views, and more to streamline work and enhance productivity. 


2D Design and Editing

TurboCAD is rich in professional 2D/3D design tools and drawing aids that speed design.  Create views and viewports of any size and shape. Access extensive paper space and printing options.  Multi-select drawing tool, dimension tools, and more.  

3D Surface Modeling

TurboCAD includes a complete set of 3D surface modeling and editing tools making it ideal for both single part and small assembly mechanical designs. 

ACIS® Solid Modeling / Advanced Mechanical Design

TurboCAD Pro Platinum provides advanced 3D surface and ACIS solid modeling tools.  The thread tool, twisted extrude, extrude to face, imprint tool, parametric holes, imprint and more enable the easy creation of your more complicated professional designs.  Access advanced modification tools like bend, unbend, and facet offset make it easier to modify existing geometry.   Smooth surface mesh / sub-D modeling tools are also available allowing for the creation of more organic shapes. 

Architectural & GIS

TurboCAD includes an integrated suite of architectural tools that accelerate productivity in design and drafting, or in the documentation of existing compatible architectural models. The architectural objects are AutoCAD® Architecture (ACA) compatible so that .DWG models with ACA extensions may be read, modified, and documented as needed. 

Photorealistic Rendering & Visualization

TurboCAD Pro Platinum includes the Redway3d Redsdk 4.2 drawing and rendering engine to speed design work and create stunning presentations.    Render management of materials, luminances, environments, advanced render styles and more help users create truly photorealistic presentations of their design.

Parametric Parts Manager

Create parts that remain parametrically controlled, even after insertion into your drawing.  Also draw variably constrained parts and convert them to parametric parts.  Parts can be saved individually, and libraries of .PPM objects can be created, shared, and reused from project to project. 

External References (Xrefs)

All of the file formats that may be opened and imported, except bitmap images, may be used as an external reference (Xref). TurboCAD offers Xref clipping for dozens of file formats and binding of Xrefs, which can then be exploded and edited. Xref layers are also easy to manage, including with layer filters. 

Programmable (SDK & Ruby Scripting)

Extend the functionality of TurboCAD Pro Platinum by develop new tools, functions, and behaviors. Custom routines that are performed on a regular basis can be automated. Specific tools for vertical applications can be created and added. Even commercial plug-in applications may be developed and sold. Updated documentation and samples are provided and there is a wiki and forum-based support online.  

What’s New in TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2018?


NEW! Ribbon Interface: 

New Interface "Ribbon" is embedded now in TurboCad 2018. Ribbon interface will be optional not default. There will be a Popup on startup of application, from where user will be asked to choose either Ribbon UI or Default UI and these settings can be changed any time.

NEW! OK and Cancel button added to Insert Fraction dialog box:

Improved usability by the addition of OK and Cancel button in the dialog box of the Insert Fraction in the Text Editor palette. 

NEW! Zoom diagnostic message:

A new message has been added. It appears when the user tries to zoom in or zoom out beyond the maximum zoom factor or limit. 

NEW! Zoom in Print Preview

Previously, it was not possible to zoom in and out using the wheel mouse on the print preview. Now user is able to zoom in in Print Preview windows, prior to printing to be sure things are looking correct Such as line thickness etc.

 Image Manager Improvement:

 You can now select Multiple files from Open Dialog box when importing pictures in the Image Manager palette. 

NEW! Search option for locating UI features: 

Type a word to search to browse through the commands and materials. The first suitable item is highlighted. Buttons next to the input field highlight the previous or next suitable item. Successful search options are added to the list and saved between sessions. 

The Find box is used in Materials, Luminance, Environment and Advance Rendering style palettes: 

Find can also be used to search through the Toolbars and Menus under the Options menu

NEW! TurboCAD table now support the "Text rotation" property.

Now table cell has editable property - Text Rotation.

Also, cell editing has been improved. Now the cell selection is not lost after changing the properties of the cell using the "Selection information" palette.

NEW! Need to be able to create two or three key keyboard shortcuts

User is able to create multiple keyboard shortcuts. Such as pressing "aa" might invoke the double point arc or whatever command you want to assign to that key combination. this may or may not require a different mode in the customize dialog that will allow this functionality.

NEW! Audit System 

Use the Audit System set of tools to detect a ‘bad’ object in drawing. A ‘bad’ object triggers at least one audit conditions.

NEW! Extents Size property

The Extents Size parameter has been added to the selection Info palette properties.  Extents Size parameter works with groups, blocks and insertions. You can now use the ‘Extents size’ property to select entity according to size valuation. Select objects that you think are big or small, or object in any range you want. 

The Extents Size update provides you with additional flexibility so that you can use this parameter for various needs and for analyzing wrong entities.

NEW! Deletion of Construction and Constraints layer:

Construction objects are placed on layer "$CONSTRUCTION". You can change construction geometry color and line styles via the layer manager. You can now also delete $Construction layer and $Constraints layer by selecting them in the Layer palette.

NEW! Isolate the object :

Now it is possible to select any number of entities in the drawing and to choose isolate objects. This led to work specifically on the selected entities without seeing or affecting other entities in the drawing. 

This is particularly useful in a complicated drawing we are trying to work with a subset of the drawing. When you're done you right click and say "un-isolate objects"and the drawing returns back to how it used to be. 



NEW! 3DS Filter Improvements (Only in Pro Platinum Version)

  • Additions made to import RedSDK materials.
  • Issue with lost materials is now fixed.
  • Issue with lost texture coordinates is now fixed.

Without texture:

With Texture:

Import STEP format improvement (Only in Pro Platinum Version): import text attributes from STEP file.

User can now view the information about the object used in the file. The information will be displayed in ‘info’ field of “selection-info” palette.

Note : It supports .step,.stp and .sat files as well.

NEW! Support of Rhino 5 files (3DM) files (Only in Pro Platinum Version).

The latest openNURBS toolkit is incorporated to TurboCAD 2018.


NEW! U3D-based PDF export improvement (Only in Pro Platinum Version).

Export named and standard views.


NEW! Import PDF Page as vector Page (Only in Pro Platinum Version)

PDF file now imports as vector pages. Imports as object or group of graphics.

We cannot open PDF file using open file dialog because PDF file is a "book". It consists of a set of pages. TC drawing structure is not suitable to store entire PDF book

Usually, PDF with "drawing" contains other pages with text, images and 2D drawings(graphics) so user can always select appropriate page he needs.

So, the implemented tool consists of following steps:

1. User select PDF file and see all pages with preview. 

2. User selects desired page.

3. Insert it in drawing with desired size.

The same approach and UI is used to open PDF underlay.

NEW! PDF Underlay Improvement

  • A new tool "PDF underlay to objects" has been implemented.
  • It gives the Ability to convert an Underlay into an editable object.

 Database Table Improvement

The table generated by report now has the ability to update contents.

  • Create Table
  • Insert Table in the drawing
  • Update Association: To update the table with new entities. Select table and update the table using “Update association”.

NEW! IFC BIM Tool (Only in Pro Platinum Version)

BIM tool allows: edit property sets attached to entities imported from IFC; define any TC entity as the desired IFC entity and set for it appropriate property sets to export it to IFC.

The IFC BIM Tool workflow:

  1. select any entity in TC drawing by the tool;
  2. if the entity hasn't the defined IFC type: define the IFC type to the selected entity.
  3. set and edit property sets that are appropriate for the selected IFC type.

BIM Tool allows specify spatial structure element to entity:

Import/Export relations between objects and spatial structure elements (site, building, building storey, space).


NEW! 3MF Export Support (Only in Pro Platinum Version):

Now TurboCAD 2018 supports Export for the 3MF file type.


NEW! Flatten Tool:

Use the Flatten tool for 3D polyline and spline to make them flat on the work plane. 

NEW! Trim by Entity

Select as closed 2D object to cut another object/ object placed inside it.

i. Select a closed 2D object (cutter).

ii. Transform/ move the selected cutter to cut the object inside it. 

NEW! Select by Entity Type.

Now Circle/Ellipse item of previous TurboCad versions is separated into two cases: Circle or Ellipse. The same is for Circular and Elliptical arcs. Previous versions could not select Circles or Arcs separately. 


NEW! Snap between two points: 

Snap between two points that once chosen allows you to have two subsequent snap points and will then snap to the middle of them.

NEW! TurboCAD Markup Support:

If a TAP file has been created in TurboApps with markups,  then TurboCAD now has the ability to display these mark-ups when a TAP file is imported and opened into the program.  



NEW! Quick Pull for surfaces:

Use the Quick Pull tool to pull or push a closed 2D area of a 3D object (TurboCad Surface) by extruding.

NEW! Sheet Thicken (Only in Pro Platinum Version)

Apply the Sheet Thicken to Sheet ACIS® entities to obtain Sheet Thicken entities.  Use the option ‘Perform in both directions’ to apply by Shell Solid.

  1. Apply thickness to a line or a 2D polyline/ spline.  
  2. Enable Shell Solid and select ‘Perform in both directions’ from the inspector bar. 


Note: The selected object’s Solid mode should be solid. You can set Solid mode in the selection info palette or Properties box in the 3D tab. 


Sheet Thicken can also be performed on ACIS solid object. 

  1. Draw any 2D object.
  2. Apply surface from profile from solid/ surface toolbar. 
  3. Enable Shell Solid and select ‘Perform in both directions’ from the inspector bar.

NEW! Thick Profile tool (Only in Pro Platinum Version)

It is a another convenient way to create 2d profiles (closed objects with area) from polylines and curves.

NEW! 2D Create option for 3D polyline/Spline:

New option for "Create 2D" has been added for 3D polyline, 3D Spline tools.

When you switch on this option, and polyline (spline) is flat then tool create 2D object instead of 3D.

NEW! Pick point Hatch Improvement:

Pick point hatching is now working in internal areas. Pick point Hatch now also works when there are gaps between boundary areas.

New “Gaps” field is added in the Inspector Bar.



NEW! Relative Angle fields for Wall and Polyline update:

You can now choose to enter an Angle (which is absolute in relation to the world coordinates) or a Relative Angle which is the angle from the immediately previous segment (arc or line).

NEW! Add Roof by Walls" tool improvement:

Previously, tool can create only one roof object. But in future we must add the possibility to create more than one roof.

NEW! Dynamic Preview of Slab Style

You can now view the actual Slab setup including all the components and materials. 


NEW! RedSDK 4.3 

Note: RedSDK is now offered as only an optional plug-in to TurboCAD Deluxe, Expert and Pro Platinum. Enhancements described below are only fond after the plug-in has been installed.  LightWorks has been reintegrated into TurboCAD and will no longer be an optional plug-in

RedSDK Interactive Color adjustments, Filters and Sketch rendering

  • Color adjustment: The ‘Colors’ section was added to the palette ‘Advanced Render Styles’. This section allows to edit the set of ‘Color adjustment’ parameters of the selected RedSDK render style. These parameters comply with the same parameters in the Render Manager

  • Filters: The ‘Filters’ section was added to the palette ‘Advanced Render Styles’. This section allows to edit the ‘Filters’ parameters of the selected RedSDK render style. These parameters comply with the same parameters in the Render Manager

  • Sketch rendering: The ‘Sketch’ section was added to the palette ‘Advanced Render Styles’. This section allows to edit the ‘Sketch’ parameters of the selected RedSDK render style. These parameters comply with the same parameters in the Render Manager


RedSDK Interactive post-processing is not available in the preview render in Render Manager. Note that if you change the tone mapping parameters of the rendering style in the Render Manager and press Ok, all windows with this style will render.

NEW! LightWorks 9.1 SP5 

The LightWorks rendering engine is now once again included in TurboCAD and will no longer be an optional plug-in. TurboCAD 2018 includes LightWorks 9.1 SP5, which includes the following improvements:

  • Environments: Scaled Image (Foreground/ Background):

  • Sky: Type: user-defined sky

  • Render Styles: Post process controller Lens flares: Lights only

  • Bounce and gather: min max radius sample function

  • GI controller Final gather controller

  • Render controllerSoft pencil

NEW! Status Bar Memory Display Update

Once you initiate any Rendering mode for a selected object; the TurboCAD status bar now displays the respective memory usage along with the processing time. 

Why Choose TurboCAD Pro Platinum
  • Premium, professional features you want at a more affordable price

  • Low learning curve, especially when switching from other CAD

  • Advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets for greater control and flexibility

  • Exceptional performance features for superior productivity

  • Outstanding File Compatibility

Introducing: The 3-month Payment Plan


The 3-Pay Easy Payment Plan is now available. Take advantage of the payment plan to finance your TurboCAD Pro Platinum purchase. With our easy payment plan, you can spread the cost over 3 payments at no additional cost.

System Requirements


  • 2018

Supported OS:

  • Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10

CPU Type

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

64-bit System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8* 64-bit, Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit)
  • 8 GB RAM

32-bit System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8*, Windows 7
  • 4GB RAM

*TurboCAD is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. Windows RT technology used on some tablets is not supported.


  • Your experience with TurboCAD Pro Platinum will be greatly enhanced with a newer generation, higher speed CPU, 16 GB RAM.
  • The optional GPU-accelerated Redsdk render modes require a supported graphic processing unit (either a chip on the board, or on a video card). The latest video drivers are typically required. Newer boards with more power and VRAM generally provide greater performance.
  • RedSDK list of supported Video Cards and Drivers: http://www.redway3d.com/pages/GPUList.php