Animation Lab

Turn your TurboCAD Software into your own personal Animation Studio!

Animation Lab

AnimationLab 5 is an intuitive and easy-to-use plug-in for TurboCAD Windows, including TurboCAD Deluxe, Pro, and Pro Platinum. It provides you with great tools to enhance your work and presentations by animating 2D and 3D architectural, mechanical, human and animal models and or any rendering


If you are looking to create a presentation of your models and make professional-looking animation, this plug-in helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently! It’s also the ideal choice for creating modern-looking Web pages, which require sophisticated rendering and 3D modelling.

Drawing Management
AnimationLab provides capabilities for managing and setting up your drawing. The file palatte offer time saving features such as batch operations while the seamless TurboCAD integration allows you to take maximum advantage of your TurboCAD software.

Single Click Animation
A number of preset scenarios allow you to create an animation movie of your drawing with a single mouse click. For added flexibility, the library of preset animations is expandable, and can be used in conjunction with batch operations.

Graphical Key Frames Editor
AnimationLab allows you to automatically create scenarios using the Key Frames Editor. It calculates the commands for intermediate frames according to the defined key frames. This powerful editor even takes into account Constraint Manager Variables set in TurboCAD, as well as the TurboCAD Part Tree.

Mix with Sound
You can assign a soundtrack for each actor. AnimationLab will calculate the sound scene, taking into account the distance to the actors, speed of their movement, and environment. Both mono- and stereo soundtracks can be calculated.

Montage Center
Use this standalone AVI, and now MOV, processing utility to refine your AnimationLab creations. Splice animations together, compressed movies with defined quality and image size, preview movies and much more.

AnimationLab supports variable command parameters. Define and control your object’s parameters through scenario commands in accordance with a mathematical rule, or data from a file.

VBScript Support Enhancement
You can write your own commands using VBScript language (Microsoft Scripting Technologies) and save them in a drawing. nguage (Microsoft Scripting Technologies) and save them in a drawing.

New Features

New Production Tools & Options

Quicktime movie support
AnimationLab now allows you to produce .MOV Movie formats.

"Interactive Movie" mode
QuickTime VR (virtual reality) (also known as QTVR) is a type of image file format supported by Apple's QuickTime. A QTVR Object Movie is a series of still images that show an object from several different angles. The object may be shown in full rotation. An array of images are split into Rows and Columns. Each Row shows an object at different angles in the horizontal plane, each Column - in the vertical plane. User can define "Views Columns" and "Views Rows" - number of horizontal and vertical views and the initial column and row

New Scenario Presets
To simplify creation of an "Interactive Movie", several scenario presets were added "QT Interactive Movie" - automatically creates “QTVR Object Movie” with current "Views Columns" and "Views Rows" settings

Produce 3D Movies (Stereoscopic)
Animation Lab now lets you do this by creating stereoscopic movies and screenshots utilising the following supported Stereoscopic Formats:

  • Red-Cyan Anaglyph (Black On White)
  • Red-Cyan Anaglyph (Grayscale)
  • Red-Cyan Anaglyph (Half Colour)
  • Red-Cyan Anaglyph (Colour)
  • Split Vertically
  • Split Horizontally
  • Interlaced Vertically
  • Interlaced Horizontally

New Automatic Scenario Commands

This command has been improved to include some new object types including Parametric Symbol Properties, Part Tree parameters, and Dynamic components from SketchUp.

AnimationLab now allows you to set multiple Advanced Rendering styles.

This new command changes a property of the Rendering style.

Presentation Templates

"AnimationLab Options" dialog "Templates"
User can load required settings from template or create new templates. The included templates are intended to cover the following common movie production needs:

  • "Cell Phone" - small AVI movie (4:3 - 176x144, 320x240) without sound
  • "Computer" - medium AVI or MOV movie (4:3 - 400x300, 640x480, 800x600) with compression and sound
  • "HDTV" - large AVI movie (6:4 - 720x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080) with compression and sound
  • "Interactive Movie" - “QTVR Object Movie” (400x300, 640x480, Stereo_400x300, Stereo_640x480) with compression and without sound
  • "Stereoscopic" - stereoscopic movie (400x300)
  • "Web" - small GIF movie (176x144, 320x240, 400x300) transparent and cycling


Key Features

Animate your TurboCAD Designs
AnimationLab give you powerful animation functionality, including:

Simple, single click animation (see below) High-end animation features of the Key Frame Editor Movie making functionality of the Montage Center Powerful Drawing Management with the File Palette and Seamless TurboCAD Integration

Single Click Animation
An expandable set of preset animation scenarios allows you to create an animation movie of your drawing with a single mouse click. Simply select the Preset Scenario, and AnimationLab will load the scenario, start the specified type of rendering, play the scenario for your drawing and create the movie file. Preset scenarios are included:


  • Look Around
  • Orbit Horizontal
  • Orbit Vertical
  • Panorama
  • Slide Horizontal
  • Slide Vertical

When this capability is used in Batch Operations mode, it provides the possibility to create animated albums for file libraries of all formats supported by TurboCAD.

GIF Frames and Movies
Animation frames can be saved in GIF, BMP and JPEG formats. The resultant movie can be either in AVI or in Animated GIF format. Support is also provided for such options as palette optimisation, user defined colours count, dithering and transparency.

Key Frames Editor

Graphical Key Frames Editor
The Key Frames Editor allows you to quickly create animations by “filling in the blanks” between the Key Frames you define. It does this by first storing the graphic properties (colour, thickness, etc.), rotations, movements and scaling of actors. The Key Frame Editor then calculates commands for intermediate frames on the basis of the specified key frames.

In the "Law of Changing" dialog, you can select one of the preset interpolation laws (for example, acceleration or deceleration), or define your own law using the field for graphic curve editing. This provides the means to smooth the trajectory, control speed and acceleration within each step, make additional movements (e.g. oscillation).

Constrained Objects Support
If "Nodes Coordinates" checkbox in the "Changing Parameters" page is checked, the actors will take existing constraints into account when each of the frames is calculated. This makes it possible to create animations of cinematic schemes or Compound Profiles of 3D objects.

By using "SetVariable" command it is also possible to change numeric values of Constraint Manager Variables, the list of which can be found in the Calculator Palette.

Part Tree Support
If an actor was used as an operand in the Part Tree, then when this actor is changed the Part Tree will recalculate the resultant body, taking changes into account.

For example, if an actor is a part of a Compound Profile, on which an Extrusion was created, and then the edges were smoothed using Blend command, then if that actor is changed, the Compound Profile will be recalculated taking existing constraints into consideration, an Extrusion will automatically be built on the new profile, and edges will be blended.

Mix with Sound
You can assign a soundtrack for each actor. AnimationLab will calculate the sound scene, taking into account the distance to the actors, speed of their movement, and environment. Both mono- and stereo soundtracks can be calculated.

Montage Center

Your Own Personal Animation Studio
The Montage Center is a standalone AVI, and now MOV, processing utility that allows you to refine your AnimationLab creations. You can also edit any movie file you have, or create new movies from scratch. Insert or delete individual frames, or sets of frames using BMP, JPG, GIF, ICO, WMF and EMF files.

Splice AVI or MOV files together
Add Sounds to movies
Save the frames of movies as separate BMP files
Specify JPG or BMP files as backgrounds, or fill with a colour, or set transparency, or titles etc.
Create compressed AVI and MOV movies with defined quality and image size
Preview mode provides the possibility to view separate frames, as well as the entire future movie

Drawing Management

File Palette
The File Palette makes file management simple. By viewing the contents of your network directories through a Windows® Explorer-like interface, you can simply open and manage your files directly from the TurboCAD desktop. You can also define a list of TCW files (from one location or across your network) and tell it to perform a batch process to all of the files at one time.

Batch Open - Open a set of selected files in TurboCAD
Batch Convert - Convert a set of selected files to/from any supported TurboCAD format
Batch Thumbnail - Create sets of BMP or JPG thumbnails for a set of selected files
Batch Animate - Create the same animation on a set of selected files using any of the presets available from AnimationLab

Seamless TurboCAD Integration
AnimationLab animates your images quickly because there is no need to re-render the view in TurboCAD when generating the individual views for the animation. Plus, through seamless integration it takes maximum advantage of your TurboCAD software with these animation commands.

Change Material
Environment, Change Environment
Luminance, Change Luminance
Set Name (For the "actor" or object you wish to animate)
Add Image To Manager (animation within an animation)
Change Actor Image (animation within an animation)
Extract Frame From AVI - Extract a single frames from your animation

System Requirements


  • 5

TurboCAD Deluxe, Pro, and Pro Platinum versions 20, 21, and 2015, 32 and 64 bit