SketchUp File Import Enhancements

Overview: The SketchUp (SKP) file import filter has been greatly enhanced in TurboCAD v16. Not only is more information about the SketchUp

SKP File Import Enhancements:

  • Now supports SketchUp version 7 files
  • Units settings are now imported
  • Dimension objects are now imported
  • User may now define the Material for Block Insertions in the model and may define ‘By Block’ the material for models.
  • Construction Lines are now imported
  • Two new Camera properties are now imported – Perspective/Orthographic flag and the View property
  • Insertion of Custom Materials (3rd-party) is now supported
  • Horizon Colours from the SketchUp Environment are now imported
  • Soften and Smooth Edges properties are now imported

Additionally Imported IDX Renditioner properties from SketchUp model:

  • Material Bumpiness information of SketchUp textures now imported
  • Renditioner Lights, including Natural Lighting, are now imported as Luminances
  • Shadow Casting property is now imported
  • Glow Appearance from Renditioner lamps imported as material